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The Jury

2008 TV Miniseries/Drama Not Rated

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In Theaters Made for TV
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Duvinder Singh (Sonnell Dadral – Syriana) is a mild-mannered teenager who has committed a brutal murder… or has he? Twelve jurors have been summoned into court to decide. However, the outraged family members of the victim have already decided and are so hell-bent on an immediate conviction that they may just have to pay some of the jury members a little visit. By deliberately obscuring the events of the murder, viewers of The Jury are virtually seated in the jury box, learning about the events only as they unfold in the trial and keeping viewers at home guessing along with the jurors, forcing them to question the defendant’s innocence or guilt right up to the gripping final scene.

A comprehensive six-part series of a shocking murder trial and the jurors affected by it, The Jury stands as a reminder that it is not just the accused whose lives hang in the balance.

Not Rated.

Released by BFS Entertainment & Multimedia. See more credits.