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A Passionate Woman

2011 Drama/Romance Not Rated 180 Minutes

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In Theaters Made for TV
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Set in Leeds, northern England, between the 1950s and 80s, Betty (Billie Piper ó Doctor Who) is a young wife and mother whose life is changed forever after she falls hopelessly and dangerously in love with her charismatic Polish neighbor, Alex Crazenovski, also known as Craze. Against her principles, she abandons herself to a world of untapped thrills and passion, feelings that have been so desperately missing from her own conventional, claustrophobic marriage. Thirty years later, an older Betty (Sue Johnston ó Waking the Dead) comes to realize that the consequences of her past compulsive passion have created ripples that spill far into the future, finally reaching a crisis point on her beloved sonís wedding day. Based on a true story.

Not Rated.

Released by BFS Entertainment & Multimedia. See more credits.