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James Harold Doolittle was one of the greatest aviators that ever lived… and also one of the most decorated airmen in U.S. military history. The true life story of this legendary flying pioneer, American hero and Congressional Medal of Honor winner is told with rare archival footage and incredible insight by filmmaker/host Gardner Doolittle in his new 2013 documentary Wings of a Warrior: The Jimmy Doolittle Story.

As approved by Jimmy Doolittle himself, the film begins in Nome, Alaska (1905) and spans Doolittle’s entire life in close detail. From joining the Signal Reserve Corps Aviation Section (1919) through his record breaking 1922 coast-to-coast flight, Doctorate at MIT, development of “instrument-only” flying, military roles in the Invasion of Normandy and his incredible role in the raid on Tokyo, Wings of a Warrior is packed with exhilarating archival footage and tells the Jimmy Doolittle story like it’s never been told before.

Not Rated.

Released by eOne Entertainment. See more credits.