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Concrete Blondes

2014 Action/Crime/Comedy Not Rated 95 Minutes

Concrete Blondes

In Theaters N/A
On 4K UHD Not Available
On Blu-ray April 8, 2016
On DVD Not Available


A wild, party-night out leads three twenty-something women to stumble on $3 Million dollars in a suitcase after a gruesome, bloody gang-land shootout. In a frantic attempt to keep the money the girls create a plan to smuggle it out of the country. But things get more complicated when one of the women mentions their plan to her boyfriend, who owes money to a violent underworld crime boss. In a pursuit to steal the girls' cash, the action packed heist attempt reveals a dark secret, and one misstep will affect all their lives forever. Greed, jealousy, and lack of trust threaten to break the concrete blondes apart, but in an intense final showdown in a seedy nightclub where the girls face off against the criminals...who will survive?

Not Rated.

Released by Inception Media Group. See more credits.