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Larger Than Life

1996 Comedy/Family Rated PG 93 Minutes

Larger Than Life

In Theaters N/A
On 4K UHD Not Available
On Blu-ray November 24, 2015
On DVD February 4, 2003


Meet Jack Corcoran, motivational speaker to the masses in mini-malls and rented halls across the country. Take Jack's advice: if life isn't all that you expected, put aside all those woulda, couldas, and shouldas, and get over it! That's what Jack has done. He got over the fact that his father died before he was born. He got over a bad marriage and is now engaged to Celeste. But, at his engagement part, a telegram arrives that presents him with a problem he may have trouble getting over, or around, or under. A it turns out his father was not dead, though he is now. The reality is that Jack's dad was a circus clown and only just passed on, leaving his son a hefty inheritance: his 8,000 pound trained circus elephant named Vera, who comes complete with a trunkfull of debts. It's a predicament truly "larger than life"!

Rated PG.