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The Search for Michael Rockefeller

2015 Documentary Not Rated 90 Minutes

The Search for Michael Rockefeller

In Theaters N/A
On 4K UHD Not Available
On Blu-ray Not Available
On DVD November 24, 2015


The disappearance of Michael Rockefeller was one of the enduring unsolved mysteries of the 20th Century. Until now.

In 1961, Michael Rockefeller's trading canoe capsized off New Guinea's cannibal coast. Rockefeller set out to swim for shore, leaving his companion with the fateful words: 'I think I can make it...'

He was never seen again. Or was he?

In 2007, filmmaker Fraser C. Heston discovered a lost cache of unedited footage shot by adventure-author Milt Machlin, editor of Argosy magazine, during his expedition to the New Guinea in 1969, in search of the lost scion. Machlin had heard from an eyewitness that Michael was alive, held against his will by natives on an island off New Guinea. He was determined to either find Michael, or find out what happened to him.

The award-winning film includes previously unreleased footage and eyewitness interviews, including some startling revelations, which together solve the mystery of Michael's disappearance. In the tradition of Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man, the filmmakers have created an entirely new film from Milt Machlin's unedited epic adventure.

Not Rated.

Released by Strand Releasing. See more credits.