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New web site showcases the most 'moving' of movies

Posted Monday, February 14, 2005 at 10:17 PM Central

by Tim Briscoe

There are movies and then there are movies that move you. Yes, there are the standard special effects-driven thrill rides which can be enjoyable. But there are also those rare movies we see that make a difference in our lives and are truly memorable. They are those movies you recommend to family and friends as one-of-kind and a "must-see".

There's a new web site called Truly Moving Pictures which is made for these types of movies. The site, located at, recognizes these movies that matter. Think Finding Neverland. Think Forrest Gump. Think It's A Wonderful Life. These are all apart of Truly Moving Pictures.

The Heartland Film Festival, a not-for-profit organization based in Indianapolis, established the Truly Moving Picture Award in 2000 as an extension of its annual movie event in the Hoosier state. The Truly Moving Pictures (TMP) web site serves as a grassroots effort to promote these movies.

The goal of the site, according to Heartland Film Festival President Jeffrey Sparks, is to "encourage folks to support them when they come to the big screen or are released on DVD." After all, Hollywood is a business. The more successful these positive movies are, the more likely we are to see more of them in the future. According to Sparks, "The fate of a film is decided based on the opening weekend box office. [The hope is] that folks will vote with their dollars and go see the film when it opens."

The first big push of the TMP site is Twentieth Century Fox's Because of Winn-Dixie. The film, opening this weekend in theaters, is the epitome of a Truly Moving Picture -- a heartwarming film with positive values.

But don't think a Truly Moving Picture is simply a family movie with a G or PG rating. They can be any genre and any rating. For example, the site heralds Saving Private Ryan and The Shawshank Redemption -- both R-rated films -- for their messages of integrity and hope.

And it's not just newly released movies. Heartland will be adding two older movies to their list each week. Sparks adds that the site will become "a list for visitors to use when they are looking for entertainment options." People who sign up for their free mailing list will be the first to hear of new additions to the TMP list. Visitors are also encouraged to nominate their favorite film for possible future inclusion on the list.

Just as meaningful movies should be rallied around, so too should this web site be supported for its positive contributions to art form of film.