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South Africa represents in sci-fi trailer for 'Chappie'

Posted Tuesday, November 4, 2014 at 5:05 PM Central
Last updated Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 3:40 PM Central

by John Couture

Like any of us, Neill Blomkamp is proud of his native country. It just so happens that the District 9 director was born and raised in South Africa.

Obviously District 9 was set in South Africa, but his followup Elysium wasn't so straight forward. It could have been set in South Africa as the dystopian future really made the setting irrelevant. You were either on Elysium or on Earth. It's been a hot minute since I've seen the film, so I'm sure one of you can enlighten me in the comments.

Regardless, Blomkamp returns to South Africa in a big, bad way for next year's Chappie. Not only does this film appear to be set in South Africa, but Blomkamp features South Africa's leading Zef group Die Antwoord.

What's that you're not familiar with Die Antwoord or the Zef scene? Well then, allow me to expand your horizons.

Yeah, that's intense... and pretty authentic. I think it adds a certain element of authenticity to the film that looks to be a modern day telling of the potential risks and rewards of artificial intelligence. If you immediately think of Short Circuit, you're not alone. Personally, the futuristic vibe rubs me more in the direction of A.I., but to each their own.

Chappie is born in theaters on March 6, 2015.