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Ewan McGregor
Susan Lynch
Peter McDonald

Everything is Copy: Nora Ephron DVD Everything is Copy: Nora Ephron

Tom Hanks
Gaby Hoffmann
Meryl Streep

Nora's Hair Salon 3 2011
Nora's Will DVD Nora's Will

Fernando Lujan

Nora's Hair Salon 2

Tatyana Ali
Stacey Dash
Mekhi Phifer
Bobby Brown

Noisy Nora DVD Noisy Nora 2007
Nora's Hair Salon 2004
The Disappearance Of Nora

Veronica Hamel
Dennis Farina
Stephen Collins

Nora Prentiss DVD Nora Prentiss

Ann Sheridan
Kent Smith
Bruce Bennett
Robert Alda

The Sin of Nora Moran Blu-rayDVD The Sin of Nora Moran 1933
The Salon / Nora's Hair Salon 2 2014

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