Platina Building, 9th Floor, G Block, Plot C 59
Mumbai, MH 400051
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Telephone: +9122-39530693
M-F 9am - 6 pm
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About Us

About Us

Falcon Entertainment was founded for the sole purpose of marketing and distributing new & innovative products that enhance, enrich & entertain the lives of today's consumers. At Falcon we strive to offer you the exclusive and innovative at every stage. Thus in India we boast about a robust collection of 2D & 3D documentaries from key independent studios overseas. The lacuna existing in the Indian market about having a branded BLU RAY PLAYER that is Multi-region / Region free (plays content from any part of the globe) is circumvented by introducing Orei players. Going ahead, our objective is to fulfill the consumer expectations by staying abreast with technology and emerging as a specialized entity offering quality content & products.

In the age of evolving technology and diminishing availability of time, consumers are looking for quality and speed of response. Customer Service at Falcon will strive to provide a satisfying experience for any customer with any issue at any location. Warranties and extended services will be offered & honored at easily accessible service centres. Spare parts will be made readily available to minimize down time. There will also be a convenient option to return product(s) to us for repair or replacement. Contact numbers will be provided for follow-up support & service. Our goal is to surpass the customer's expectations at all times and be easily contactable for service (if needed).